Black History Month 2023 | Sainte Nèl

Black History Month 2023 | Sainte Nèl

The Living Examples: Meet Bethany

Black History month is a time for America to reflect on the contributions of Black Americans to this country.

One of the interesting things about history, is that frequently, individuals whom we now admire, were not recognized at all during their life. This is a sad fact that's true for not just Black History. 

Black women telling Black women's stories

The non-profit Buy From A Black Woman is an organization that supports Black Woman business owners. Sainte Nèl has a long history with BFABW. In 2017, the Company was the 2nd recipient of the Buy From A Black Woman Grant (under our former name Taupe Coat). We love that community and will always continue to be a huge supporter of the organization.

So we were extremely honored last year, when we were asked by BFABW and H&M to participate in The Living Examples Docuseries.

Bethany J Peak founder of Sainte Nel and JP Operations clip from youtube video The Living Examples Docuseries
This docuseries chronicles the lives of Black Woman business owners. It originally aired in 2022, but for Black History Month, all of the episodes are re-airing. 
You can watch our founder's episode here to learn a little more about her story (and see our warehouse where your orders ship from)! After you watch ours, then take a look at some of the other 26 women featured.