Our Story

Sainte Nèl is a non toxic nail care and wellness brand committed to cultivating strong nails and healthy hands. 

This company was founded by Bethany, an attorney turned wellness advocate. After experiencing a health crisis due to burnout, she temporarily stepped away from the practice of law to prioritize her physical and mental health. During this time, she founded Sainte Nèl as a manifestation of her passion for clean beauty and her commitment to wellness.

A self described "recovering workaholic," Bethany is now on a mission to encourage other purpose driven women to prioritize their personal well being as they accomplish their goals. 

But who is Sainte Nèl?

She loves clean beauty, self-love, and nice things. If she's going to do something, its going to be done right. If she's going to buy something, it better be well made. If she's going to wear something, she's going to look spectacular. But most importantly, no matter how hard she works, she's going to make time for herself. Sainte Nèl is about living her best life, spending time with people who love her, and doing things that bring her joy. 

If this sounds like you, then welcome to Sainte Nèl. If you haven't already, please join our email list to get to know us better and find out about what we have in store.