Black History Month has arrived.

Black History Month has arrived.

As a lover of history, Black History Month is one of my favorite months. We spend the entire month researching historical figures that we may have never heard of. Here are three Black Women that you may not know, who've changed history. 

Do you use gifs?

Lisa Gelobter, a computer scientist, invented a technology called Shockwave which is an essential technology that enabled the creation of web animation, interactive multimedia and video games! Golebeter also invented the animation that was used the create GIFS. She attended Brown University and graduated at the age of 20 with a degree in computer science. Currently, Gelobter is the CEO of tEQuitable, a company that “is helping to empower employees and employers to reduce subtle issues and prevent harassment from occurring or escalating to the point of no return.

Over or Under?

Mary and Mildred Davidson invented a number of household and personal care items. Arguably of which, the most important is the toilet paper holder. I wonder if they thought the over/under decision would become such a huge debate! Other inventions of theirs include the sanitary belt (a precursor to the disposable menstrual pad), and the walker.