5 Tips for Gorgeous Tips

5 Tips for Gorgeous Tips

Extend the life of your Manicure 

Do you wish that you had stronger nails? Are you struggling with developing a nail care routine you can stick to? We're happy you're here.

At Sainte Nèl, we're committed to your total hand health. We want to be your number one resource for all things nail care related. That's why we keep our blog updated with informational pieces regarding ingredients we use and the effects on the body.

 But today's topic are 5 quick tips from Bethany to improve your next manicure.

1. Use Vegan Nail Polish 

Vegan nail polish is usually 10-free which means it doesn’t contain the known harmful ingredients and carcinogens that are traditionally found in nail polish. Like Toluene, which is known to cause nerve damage in adults and developmental delays in fetus’. If you’re not using vegan nail polish, then you’re inhaling harmful chemicals that will impact your body. So play it safe and use vegan polish. All Sainte Nèl polish is 10-free, vegan and cruelty free. When Bethany, our founder, first started making her own polish 15 years ago, you couldn’t find vegan polish in stores. Now there’s lots of options so this should not be a difficult transition.

2. Stop Using Acetone (or at least decrease your usage)

First things first, we all know that acetone is DRYING AS HELL. It sucks the moisture out of everything, including the skin on your hands and your nail bed. But that’s not all. If you’re inhaling acetone regularly, it will have an impact on your respiratory system. For most of us, we don’t use acetone THAT much. But what about the ladies doing your nails? They are forced to inhale acetone for years. If we could all transition to healthier alternatives, it would improve our health, and the health of our nail technicians. Sainte Nel has a plant based acetone free nail polish remover that will be returning in late 2023. Until then, try to decrease your use or find other alternatives. 

3. Opt for Waterless Manicures 

Have you ever had a waterless manicure? Have you ever heard of one? If not, then we’re happy to introduce you to one of the easiest ways you can extend the life of your manicure. Most manicures done in salons use water. For those of us that listened in our science classes, we know that water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. That’s reason enough for me to never get a salon mani using water. BUT, there’s other benefits to waterless manicures. When you put water on your hands, it causes your nails to expand. Which really isn’t problematic. The issue is if you apply nail polish soon after, your nails have not contracted yet. This means when they dry, the shape the polish is adhering too will change which means your polish is probably going to start chipping. 

4. Moisturize your Cuticles NIGHTLY

What does cuticle oil do you ask? Lots. But one of the most obvious is that it helps our hands and cuticles maintain moisture. This is important because our cuticle are our nails’ natural protective barrier against external irritants. If your hands and cuticles are dry, that means they are not doing their job. We know it can be inconvenient, or hard to remember to moisturize them throughout the day. That’s why we developed Silhouette, an overnight cuticle serum that works while you sleep. Apply a tiny amount every night before bed and watch how good your cuticles look and feel. 

5. Drink your 8 cups of water! 

Keep your entire body hydrated. Our body is a well-watered machine, which means the main thing it needs to run properly is…water! Are you drinking 8 cups of water each day? If not, we encourage you to try. A hydrated body means that our hair, skin, and nails will also be hydrated. Plus, you just feel better and happier when you’re hydrated. Trust us.


Bonus tip: if you get gel manicures using UV Lights, always, always, always, apply sunscreen to your hands before, so give your skin an extra layer of protection again the radiation. 


Have you tried any of these? Respond to us at community[at]saintenel.com and let us know how these tips have improved your manicure!