More Play in 2024

More Play in 2024

At the start of 2023 and realized that I’d gotten so wrapped up in trying to grow my business that I rarely did anything that made me smile. In fact, if something was on my to do list and it was just a fun activity, I’d take it off and replace it with something productive.

So this year, I'm trying something new. One of my top goals for the year is to spend more time showing love to myself. For me, that means adding more fun into my life and getting back to being the person I was before I bogged down by expectations, responsibilities, and earning money to survive. To do that, I realize that I need to make an intentional effort to have fun! 

A few weeks ago, I was looking up resources to support me on this mission, and right on time, I found exactly what I was looking for. Minna Khounlo-Sitheph host of the podcast Cue the Clarity released an episode last month on adult play personalities. She discusses research that concluded that levels of success increase for the people that incorporate "play" into their lives. Honestly, even if it doesn't contribute to my business success, I only have one life to live and I want it to be filled with joy. 

The episode links to a short quiz to find your adult "play personality". I recommend taking the quiz! I did it before I read the personality descriptions so that didn't impact my choices. 

After you take the quiz, let me know your results! Email me at to share your play personality and tell me how you plan to incorporate more play into your year. I'll share mine with you too. 

I hope your 2024 bring you more play, more fun, less stress and more peace.