Why try a waterless manicure?

Why try a waterless manicure?

A waterless manicure is a manicure that's performed without soaking your hands in water. That's the only difference. 

What are the benefits of waterless manicures?

During a typical manicure, there are countless opportunities for the transfer of fungi or harmful bacteria through unsanitary practices.  Waterless manicures are more hygienic as they completely avoid the water altogether. 

Waterless manicures provide a wide variety of other benefits. One major advantage is that waterless manicures encourage longer-lasting polish! Our nails are porous, and when soaked they expand. During a traditional manicure, its shortly after soaking that polish is applied. But once the nails fully dry, they retract back to their original size, meaning chips in your polish are more likely to occur.

Waterless manicures also save time and are a more eco-friendly option because by skipping the water soak, you could save gallons of water a year. 

Where can you get a waterless manicure?

The easiest way to get a waterless manicure is during your at home manicure. If you normally wash your hands during your DIY manis, then just skip that step. 

If you prefer to have professionals do your nails, it may take a little work but waterless salons are on the rise. Your best option is to find an Organic nail salon, but remember, just because the salon has the word "organic" in it, that does not necessarily mean that its actually an organic salon! You may have to dig into the About Us section or call to ask if they offer the service. You can always go to your regular nail tech, and just ask them to skip the water please. 

For our Los Angeles friends, one of our favorite organic salons is CAN CAN Parleur Organic Nail Salon in Los Angeles.