Environmental Sustainability

At Sainte Nèl, we seek to create as little harm to the environment, and your nails, as possible. We therefore only source ingredients produced by responsible suppliers.

Through sustainable packaging, we reduce our carbon footprint and through our value driven goals we seek to transition all plastic packaging to PET or aluminum by December 2024.

Social Sustainability

Being a value driven brand is an important part of our mission, as we strive to set an example of what a responsible business can and should be.

We strive to make a positive impact in our local communities and for those who live in those communities with us.

Through Community Sainte, we provide monetary support and volunteer work with non-profits that align with our core values.

Community Sainte

Over the last five years, we have supported dozens of non-profits and community organizations around the world. Some of these include Write Girl LA, Happy Period, the Middle East Children's Alliance, Street Code, Baltimore Action Legal Fund, the Women's Prison Book Project and more. 

Our Chemistry of Polish program, started in 2022, is a program in which we go to schools, teach students a fun chemistry lesson using polish, then we let the kids make their own bottle of nail polish.